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In Please Visit! on April 16, 2013 at 5:39 pm

The last thing I wrote at work yesterday considered the Boston Marathon Bombs, so I started the day checking out what new information about the events was out there. This article from WSJ is very informative.  I wrote my own piece just before the closing bell at Wall Street and the information by that time was very scarce. Interesting to notice that CNBC had just reported “around 20 people injured”, compared to today’s “killing at least three people and injuring about 140”.  Here is a picture slideshow from Bloomberg. Read a related article for Foreign Policy claiming that “the terror bombing of the Boston Marathon is yet one more item in a bloody skein of evidence that has emerged over the past decade proving that war is now, more than ever, the province of “the few.”

Found this also at WSJ: Pulitzer-Winning Breaking-News Photography. Intense.

One minute on the topic “very rich people”:  The World’s Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers. Absurd. But, at least they got (some) skin in the game. Even more absurd: while the British economy and job market overall is collapsing the job market for Butlers is booming!

Visited Discover Magazine and came across this article by a scientist named Kate Green who will participate in a 120-days experiment simulating life on Mars. “We will eat, sleep, work, exercise and relax inside a two-story dome that offers a little less than 1000 square feet of floor space. When we go outside, we will wear mock spacesuits. There will be very little sunshine, no fresh fruit, and no ocean breeze.”  He will keep writing about the experience once a week.

The environmental development keeps scaring the shit out of me. These recent posts by ImaGeo doesn’t calm me down.

Reminds me of this video I posted on Facebook a while ago which nobody gave a fuck about: Watch 62 years of Global Warming in 13 Seconds

Revisited Big think! Wow. This site is such an epic source of intelligent information, I wonder why it was such a long time since I last visited. Please Visit (!) this website immediately. Sometime in the near future I will do a separate post on my favorite videos on this site. Anyway, watched this interview with Howard Gardner from 2009 and oh my goodness, great stuff! Probably the most inspirational information in my stream today. Gardner is an enormously ethical educator with very interesting views. I especially liked the way he answered the question “If you had 90 seconds with president Obama, what would you say?” (15:01) The quote from Derek Bok is also definitively thoughtful:

“If you think education is expensive, try estimating ignorance.”

Also watched these videos on genetics from Bryan Sykes. Nothing new, but never heard of him before and seems like he has written some interesting books which I need to check up on.

That’s it for today…


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