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Space nerd? Well, I am anyway. Was screening Wired when I observed that they had an “Astrology Picture of the Day”, which I hadn’t noticed before. While your at it, NASA also have a “Picture of the Day” which always is accompanied with a explanation of the phenomena. Today’s beautiful picture shows stars forming in the Soul of the Queen of Aethopia” (the picture above). Epic!

Started out today’s Internet session with a visit to two of my favorites sites, edited by Maria Popovaexp.lore and Brainpickings. Also paid a visit to Visual News which always gets my aesthetic vibes going. Found my way to some cool websites I have never visited before. One tasteful blogg, swiss-miss, with a lot of inspirational videos, pictures, quotes etc. Also found Ustream, “the easiest and most powerful way to stream live video”, a really fun website with a lot of interesting video streams. For instance, check out these streams from a wolf den or this eagle nest!

Browsed The Browser and came across this article by Adam Gopnik: A Point of View: Science, magic and madness. Suits my taste.

Also. I just recently got my new Chromebook (!) and hence I’m constantly on the lookout for new apps and extensions for Chrome. I  searched Lifehacker and found some terrific articles. If your are a Chrome like me, you should check them out.

Last but not least. Came across some beautiful photos of Audrey Hepburn in Rome  which steered my interest into an endless stream of the magnificent photography from LIFE. You could spend all day long at this website.

That’s it for now. Back to a more boring stream of information. Work…


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